Updated 5/24/2018

The Foldit Terms of Service and Consent can be found at https://fold.it/legal. This policy provides additional information on your personal data.

The Foldit game and website may collect the following personal data about you.

We need this personal data to contact you about the game, assign credit for in-game discoveries, and for general operation of the game and website. We may keep this personal data as long as your account is open or as needed for game and website operation.

We will not share your personal data except for instances where we are required to do so, such as legal or institutional review. We may use your email address to contact you, though you may opt out of email contact.

You may ask us to confirm if we have your personal data, ask us to correct or complete your personal data, or ask us for a copy of your personal data. You may ask us to restrict or stop processing of your personal data, or withdraw consent to process your personal data. You may ask us to erase you personal data. We will not use your personal data for automated decision making. You may file a complaint about our use of your personal data.

Many of these actions can be accomplished in your profile on the web page. However, you may also contact us at mail.fold.it@gmail.com with requests. Note that some actions may make it impossible to assign you credit for in-game discoveries.

This policy does not apply to any information you elect to post to any public areas of the game or website. This includes, but is not limited to, forum postings, comments, public parts of profiles, usernames, or chat. Information posted in public areas may be viewed, accessed and used by third parties. This policy also does not apply to scientific, gameplay, or usage data logged by the game or website, or additional information gathered in the process of preparing publications.

This policy may change in the future. If it changes, we will make a news post announcing the changes.